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Why accessible gaming is about more than games

We hear from RNIB’s Lorna Forbes and gaming critic and consultant Laura Dale about how the industry is rethinking its approach to making games playable for everyone, and why communication is key – even if it means admitting failures

Games of the year 2023

This year saw compelling additions to iconic gaming franchises as well as exciting new entrants to the indie game scene. Here are our favourite titles of 2023

Nike Airphoria

The metaverse is not dead yet

While commentators have been lining up to gleefully dance on the grave of the m-word, Epic Games has been quietly advancing its offering on Fortnite. We talk to them about what’s coming next

Games of the year 2022

Horror, horticulture, cats, religion, power-washing … whatever your niche interest, there was a game for you in 2022. We look at ten of our favourites from the last 12 months

Image of the Balenciaga and Fortnite promotion in Times Square

Epic Games: The dreamers of the dreams

Want to know what works in the metaverse? Then look to Epic Games’ Fortnite, which is no longer just a game but an entertainment platform that also hosts music, art, and impressive brand experiences

The best games of the year 2021

Once more, gamers enjoyed a year of immersive storytelling and novel formats, from Returnal’s looping narrative to Unpacking’s soothing tidy-up sim. Here’s ten of CR’s favourites

Designing for our MetaLives

As fashion brands launch digital-to-avatar lines and new, immersive social media emerges, our lives in the metaverse are developing at pace. A new report from Wunderman Thompson Intelligence looks at what brands and consumers need to consider in this exciting new world