Gem Fletcher

Gem Fletcher is a writer and art director. She writes for a range of titles and is host of the photography podcast The Messy Truth. She writes the Exposure column for CR, where she examines the world of photography

Erinn Springer

Exposure: Erinn Springer

After years in New York, Erinn Springer’s return to her Midwest roots sparked a new and highly productive phase in her photography. Here, Gem Fletcher talks to her about her process

Thea Traff

Exposure: Thea Traff

Formerly a picture editor for the likes of the New Yorker and Time, Thea Traff now channels her knowledge into making her own distinctive images

Exposure: Yael Malka

Identity and community are at the heart of Yael Malka’s photography work, which explores life in New York via both personal and editorial projects

Exposure: Owen McCarter

In his series Three Eyed Fish, the US photographer examines the impact of industrial waste on his hometown via imagery that is unexpected and at times radical

Testo Diary Jesse Glazzard

Exposure: Jesse Glazzard

Photographer Jesse Glazzard has created a large body of commercial and editorial work, as well as his ongoing personal project Testo Diary, where he explores his experiences and relationships as a trans man

Exposure: Kirt Barnett

Mixing the fantastical and chaotic with the everyday, Los Angeles-based photographer Kirt Barnett presents unexpected visions. Gem Fletcher speaks to her about her work

Exposure: Sasha Arutyunova

Following an upbringing split between Russia and the US, Sasha Arutyunova uses photography to help create connection and intimacy. Gem Fletcher speaks to her about her practice

How to be a conscious commissioner

As brands and creative agencies aim to create work that truly reflects the diversity and demands of their audiences, commissioning is vital. Here, Gem Fletcher talks to four industry experts about how to do it well

Ruth Negga, for Mastermind

Exposure: Tess Ayano

Japanese-American photographer Tess Ayano aims to make images to record what she feels rather than what she sees. We talk to her about her work, which crosses fashion, editorial and documentary