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Mute Records

The design of Mute Records

A new book by Terry Burrows on the history of record label Mute reveals how its sleeve design has been led by its artists from the start. Below is an extract from the book on the label’s early design.

Logos from Japan: Counter-Print’s new book explores contemporary Japanese logo design

Design store and publisher Counter-Print‘s new book Logos from Japan brings together hundreds of logo designs for Japanese businesses – including bookstores, cafes, salons, dentists, pharmacies, arts organisations and food brands. It is Counter-print’s second book on Japanese visual culture. The first, From Japan, was released in 2015 and focused on graphic design and illustration. […]

London Underground Architecture & Design Map

Following its design guides to the Brutalist and modernist treasures of several cities, Blue Crow Media’s latest range of maps looks at some of the world’s most famous public transportation systems – starting with the London Underground

Red Star Over Russia: A Revolution in Visual Culture 1905–55

From propaganda to avant-garde art and design, Russian visual culture was shaped by the events that established the USSR in the early twentieth-century. A new exhibition at Tate Modern features highlights from the late designer David King’s unrivalled collection of work from this period