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My breakthrough moment: Emily Forgot

The graphic artist has worked with Adidas and the BBC, as well as crafting her own surreal ceramics. Here, she discusses the excitement of creating her first window display for Selfridges, and why she tries to recapture that feeling in her work now

Is creativity in crisis?

A recent report on the future of creativity reveals that consumers think brands lack originality and that 65% think that all brands look alike

Designing for The Favourite

The Favourite is hotly-tipped for major awards success. Design fans have an additional reason to love the film – its distinctive typographic ‘chapter openers’. We spoke to their designer Vasilis Marmatakis

My breakthrough moment: Ben Terrett

Long before gaining renown for his work for and Co-op, designer Ben Terrett won a RSA Student Design Award with an interactive CD-Rom. Here he reflects on what the piece meant to him, but also on why it might not always be good to look back