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Studio Sutherl&’s playful identity for children’s shoe brand Start-Rite

Start-Rite has an impressive heritage: the family-owned company was founded in Norwich in 1792 and has been making children’s shoes for the Royal Family since the 1950s. It has long positioned itself as an expert in children’s footwear – it claims to have commissioned the first ever study into children’s feet back in the 1940s […]

How creating a vision board can help achieve your goals

As part of our January new year, new you, author and course leader Claire Bridges, shares a taster of the content from our new six-part online course Mastering Creativity with inspiration and practical tools to make 2018 your best creative year yet. In this second article in the series Bridges invites you to roll your sleeves up, grab the spray mount and a stack of magazines to get stuck in to create a vision board.