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How to create a playable city

Technology may be reshaping how we engage with urban spaces, but does it risk sucking the life out of them in the process? We explore some of the creative projects that are making our cities more playful

Dan Reisinger: Master of Colour

The work of designer Dan Reisinger, who died last year, had a significant impact on his adopted home of Israel. Here Naomi Games, daughter of iconic British designer Abram Games – who taught Reisinger – looks back at his life and influence

How to create a playful workplace

There’s more to creating a playful culture than installing ball pits and pool tables. We talk to Franz Blach, MD at IDEO in Munich, about the importance of ‘playing with purpose’

Predictions for a new decade: Naresh Ramchandani

In the final of our articles predicting what the next decade holds for the creative industries, Do The Green Thing co-founder and Pentagram partner Naresh Ramchandani envisions an unexpected turnaround from Trump, the rise of ‘Boomerbook’, and more