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Design to Transform the World?

Coinciding with the Labour Party Conference in Liverpool, The World Transformed was a four-day fringe festival of “art, music, culture and politics” organised by the Momentum group. We talk to designer Sana Iqbal about the identity she created for it

CR Oct 16 cover image from Björk’s Family VR video created by Andrew Thomas Huang c/o STRANGELOVE.

Björk, Shelter at 50 and age-neutral design: CR October

Our October 2016 issue features an exclusive interview with Björk about her experiments with virtual reality, Shelter’s 50 years of campaigning for better housing, new thinking around age-neutral design and much more

Laurence King and Angus Hyland by Julian Anderson

Twenty five years of Laurence King Publishing

Over its 25 year history, Laurence King Publishing has transitioned from design books for students and professionals to creating beautifully designed books for the general market. Patrick Burgoyne speaks to its founder Laurence King and Creative Director Angus Hyland about Carson, content and colouring in


Mozilla rebrand enters design development stage

In the latest phase of its open rebrand, internet advocacy group Mozilla has published four possible options for its new identity. Potential logos include an animated dinosaur and a pixellated flame…


10 things to see at LDF #10: Electro Craft

Studio Tord Boontje has curated an exhibition of electronic items made by new and emerging designers for London Design Festival – from a wireframe boombox to a wearable tail and a ‘slow breeze machine’