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Why mums mean business

If advertising – and the wider creative industry – wants a more diverse workforce, it needs to provide a better path for mothers to return to work after having children. Ali Hanan explains how her Creative Equals Returnships programme is doing just that

US insurance group MetLife rebrands – and parts ways with Snoopy

US insurance group MetLife has launched a new logo, strapline and design system in the first major change to its branding for more than 30 years. The rebrand forms part of a wider strategy to put customer experience at the heart of the business – and sees the brand drop its famous mascot, Snoopy

Suitable for all ages: why we need age neutral design

“Everyone’s instinct was that if you could find out [people’s] age and gender data, that’s fantastic. But what we learned is: it’s almost useless. [What matters is] not who they are in a superficial sense – like gender, age, or geography. It’s not even what they tell you. It’s what they do.” Todd Yellin, VP […]

Meet Graham TAC Patricia Piccinini

Meet Graham: the human designed to survive our roads

Australia’s Transport Accident Commission and agency Clemenger BBDO Melbourne have created a figure ‘with bodily features that might be present in humans if they had evolved to withstand the forces involved in car crashes’