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Sri Lanka: For love nor money

What role does creativity play when money simply ceases to exist? Sri Lanka’s economic crisis has led to a decimation of essential services, with starvation on the horizon. Here, Ravi Amaratunga Hitchcock explores how the local creative community are reacting

What does Dall-E 2 mean for creatives?

Are we on the verge of trading in traditional titles like graphic designer and illustrator for AI whisperer or prompt designer? CR discusses the current wave of AI art generators with Modem co-founder Bas van de Poel

50th Anniversary of Pride 50p with original artwork

Behind the scenes at the Royal Mint

The designers at the Royal Mint have recently made special edition coins to celebrate everything from the Platinum Jubilee to Pride to the 100th anniversary of the discovery of insulin. Hazel Davis talks to them about how they are made

Image by kodukits via Shutterstock

The big money questions: a guide for new creatives

Pay rises, day rates, dilemmas about prioritising money or creative opportunities – young creatives have a lot to get their heads around. We asked OMSE founder James Kape, copywriter Ellen Ling and the Talent Business partner Anna Green for advice

How Minor Figures learned to lean back

With its irreverent illustrated characters and laidback personality, coffee products brand Minor Figures is offering a fresh take on the often divisive plant-based market. Co-founder Stuart Forsyth talks to us about challenging the challenger brand narrative