James Greenfield

James Greenfield is founder and creative director of studio Koto

Five museums with great graphic identities

We asked regular CR columnist and Koto co-founder/creative director James Greenfield to pick out his favourite five museum and gallery graphic identities from around the world. He looks at what makes them so successful and effective as pieces of communication

The funny business of branding

From walls of Post-Its to dubious logo evolution diagrams, branding can be an easy target for satire. Yet despite its clichés, process is a vital part of the job

“Remarkably touchy lot, designers”

In his second CR column on new identity work, creative director James Greenfield suggests that the mainstream media’s knee-jerk and ill-informed reaction to logo design is an insult to one of our strongest creative exports. Graphic design needs to fight back.

Uber rebrands – but where is it going?

In the first in a new series of CR columns analysing new identity design, creative director James Greenfield looks at Uber’s rebrand and the impact it will have on the company’s audience and its fortunes.