James Greenfield

James Greenfield is a designer and creative director, and founder of design studio Koto. He writes for CR on design and branding


How will we use Threads?

Threads has had 30 million sign ups in 24 hours. But what does its branding and user experience reveal about how it may fit into the social media ecosystem? Koto founder James Greenfield gives his view

Evri rebrand business cards

Why Evri rebrand needs a reason

Hermes recently rebranded as Evri. Here, Koto’s James Greenfield analyses its new look and asks whether rebrands are enough to change public perception of a struggling brand

Social media and branding: what needs to change?

Facebook recently introduced a new logo. But is a rebrand enough to change people’s perceptions of the company? As social media enters an inflection point in its history, Koto’s James Greenfield examines the deeper changes these brands need to make

YouTube has a new face, but has it lost its voice?

In just over a decade, YouTube has gone from an idea three guys had to make it easier to search for video, to a key pillar in the product portfolio of the second most valuable brand on the planet. It’s the world’s leading video platform, with 400 hours of content uploaded each minute and one billion […]

Five museums with great graphic identities

We asked regular CR columnist and Koto co-founder/creative director James Greenfield to pick out his favourite five museum and gallery graphic identities from around the world. He looks at what makes them so successful and effective as pieces of communication