Mark Sinclair

Mark Sinclair is Senior Editor for independent publisher Unit Editions

Book covers of the year 2019

Mark Sinclair, Senior Editor at Unit Editions, takes us through the year in book covers, spotting trends for 2019 plus highlighting his picks for the ten best covers of the year

Honouring VNIITE and its place in Soviet design

The Russian organisation VNIITE strived to better Soviet society through design. While remarkably ahead of its time, few of its designs reached the wider public, and until recently much of its work threatened to be forgotten. A new book by Unit Editions tracks its history

Asterix and the new translator

The adventures of Asterix the Gaul have been amusing British readers since 1969, thanks to the brilliant translations of Anthea Bell and Derek Hockridge. Last year, Adriana Hunter took over the job of converting the jokes, puns and celebrated character names into English. We talk to her about what the process involves

What ad agencies can learn from stand-up comedy

Chris Head is a stand-up comedy coach and director whose knowledge of live performance techniques, joke structures and  storytelling is helping ad agencies to pitch ideas to clients, as well as giving them a taste of the stage.