Megan Williams

Megan is Staff Writer at Creative Review

On the fear of underachieving

With Gen Zs leading the way in politics and beyond, society has become embroiled in a race to keep up. Megan Williams speaks to figures in art and publishing from different generations to uncover more about the fear of underachieving and how to move past it

Why going green has gone blue

As the world enters a new age of sustainable tech, branding for eco-friendly products has changed with the times. CR explores why classic greens have been traded for cooler tones as the image of sustainability gets a refresh

How do you translate an ad concept?

Brands and agencies have a track record of stumbling their way through ads for foreign markets. We speak to W+K Amsterdam MD Blake Harrop and ECD Eric Quennoy about getting humour right and why it’s not a case of translating words but ideas