Museums & Design

Branding, social media and more: creativity in the cultural sector

Behind the scenes at Aviva Studios

Already being touted as Manchester’s answer to Tate Modern, this dynamic cultural venue will focus on original and unexpected new work. We talk to artistic director and CEO John E McGrath about his plans for the space

How cultural institutions can tackle sustainability

Is there a responsibility for cultural institutions to not just reflect the past, but contemplate the future as well? National Gallery Victoria curator Ewan McEoin talks to CR about the museum’s latest show on sustainability and why they want to invest in designers

Behind the scenes at Tate Modern

As Tate Modern prepares to open its epic Olafur Eliasson exhibition next week, we talk to curator Mark Godfrey about creating a show that reflects the artist’s wide-ranging preoccupations, from climate change to sustainable food

Tate Modern looks to the future

With a new director, the museum that welcomes almost six million visitors a year is launching a series of new initiatives – marking it out as perhaps Britain’s most important artistic organisation. As part of our Annual coverage, we look back at a big year for the space

How I Work: Gallery Director Brett Rogers

The director of London’s Photographers’ Gallery reflects on the challenges the gallery faces in the post-Brexit era, her determination for its shows to be accessible, and on the skills she has – and lacks – when running such a significant cultural institution

The Future of the Museum

Our July issue is a museums special, taking a look at the challenges facing cultural institutions and how creativity is helping to meet them.

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