From sleeve to screen: the pick of CR’s music-related content

Black and white image of the album artwork for Playing Robots Into Heaven by James Blake, showing the musician wearing a large tannoy like device on his back surrounded by other people forming a queue as they walk up a hill that slopes diagonally across the bottom third of the image

Inside James Blake’s transcendent album visuals

James Blake’s latest LP, Playing Robots into Heaven, sees him step out of the shadows and into the foreground. We hear from one of his newly installed creative directors, Jamie Adair of Crowns & Owls, about how the album creative reflects this juncture in Blake’s career

Using AI to transform DJ set visuals

CR speaks to Boiler Room art director Joshua Wiley and motion designer and artist Hayden Martin about their ongoing collaboration that uses neural networks and Boiler Room’s extensive image archive


Ed Banger Records: A Visual Odyssey

Founded by former Daft Punk manager Pedro Winter in 2003, the legendary French record label is this year celebrating two decades of electronic music at its finest. Its visual identity tells a fascinating story of its own

How to create timeless sonic branding

We speak to composer and sound designer Dave Connolly about creating the sonic identities for brands like Huel and Premier League, why the best sonic branding is self-referential, and what composers for brands can learn from Succession