From sleeve to screen: the pick of CR’s music-related content

This Is America

Childish Gambino’s This Is America: an analysis

Racking up almost 50 million views in under five days, Childish Gambino’s This Is America has struck a chord with audiences all over the world. Here, Rob Turner examines the many political and cultural layers that lie within the hit video.

If Tom Hingston designed band merch…

Designer Tom Hingston has teamed up with Paul Smith, Nick Cave, the Chemical Brothers and Robert Del Naja to create a luxury range that puts traditional band merch to shame. We talked to Hingston about the collection and a show marking his studio’s 20th anniversary

Jon Hopkins

The art of Jon Hopkins

As Jon Hopkins’ new album Singularity is released, we talk to the electronic musician about his videos, concert visuals and how Sex & The City changed his life.

Photographer B+ on working with DJ Shadow

In 1996, photographer Brian Cross – aka B+ – shot the iconic cover of DJ Shadow’s album Endtroducing. At the recent Offset festival in Dublin, Cross talked about the experience of creating the work, as well as the importance of mistakes

Dear Esther Barbican

PlayStation in concert

In May this year, the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra will present a concert of music from PlayStation games at the Royal Albert Hall in London. We talk to composer Jessica Curry about creating music for games, and how perceptions of the games industry are changing.

Es Devlin: 20 years of “tidying up”

In a live Q&A with artist Jeremy Deller, Es Devlin revealed that her entire career creating spectacular areas shows for bands was informed by a desire to clean up all the mess on stage she witnessed at her first gig, and why the lowest bridge in Hamburg has been a key influence on her work