Patrick Burgoyne

Patrick Burgoyne is a writer and former editor of Creative Review

Time for change

The Black Lives Matter movement has led to a shake-up of some design’s oldest organisations and clubs. Such change is long overdue, writes Patrick Burgoyne

Who’s Zoomin’ who?

As we grow used to a world of Zoom calls and distanced collaboration, Patrick Burgoyne speculates on what longer-term changes may arise from the lockdown

In praise of judging

As coronavirus wreaks havoc with this year’s creative award shows, D&AD CEO Patrick Burgoyne reflects on why judging matters, if done well

Predictions for a new decade: Patrick Burgoyne

To mark the start of the 2020s, we’ve asked a selection of our regular columnists to offer up predictions of what lies ahead. Here, D&AD CEO Patrick Burgoyne foresees an end to design blandness, and makes a plea for the industry to get serious about climate change

Do creative agencies need to work on their purpose?

When creative agencies insist that their clients have a purpose, should we be surprised when their employees question what their own is? Patrick Burgoyne wonders if it’s finally time for ad and design firms to be clear on their ethical stance