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Exposure: Paul Guilmoth

Paul Guilmoth’s photography draws on their work as a carer for the elderly, but instead of producing documentary images, Guilmoth sees their work as an escape and an opportunity to build new worlds

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Are copyright battles destroying creativity?

In an industry where people are often badly paid, it’s important to protect the ownership of creative work and ideas. But is this leading to a litigious culture that will ultimately suppress creativity? Richard Holman examines both sides of the question

Red and black book cover for Vagabonds by artist and writer Eloghosa Osunde

Eloghosa Osunde on drifting between language and art

The artist and writer has released her debut novel Vagabonds! which traces the lives of marginalised Lagosians. She talks to us about the interplay between writing and visuals, the art that fed into the novel, and the task of creating her own book cover