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Robin Broadbent: The Still Life

Unusually for a photography book, Robin Broadbent’s new collection of images opens with a short story. The writer Frederic Tuten introduces the work of the renowned still life photographer with a mythic tale that references several of the images in the book. It’s a good way of setting out the idea that within each of […]

Ed Gold on photographing isolation and preserving cultures

Opening tomorrow at Colchester’s Firstsite gallery, Ed Gold: Other Worlds brings together four decades of the photographer’s documentary work, including never before seen images from his series, Nowitna. We spoke to Gold about the theme of isolation that threads through his oeuvre and his purpose as a documentarian

Exposure: Cian Oba-Smith

Art Director Gem Fletcher examines the world of photography, with a focus on new talent, photobooks and exhibitions from around the globe. In the latest instalment she looks at photographer Cian Oba-Smith.