Celebrating all things photographic

Exposure: Alice Mann

Photographer Alice Mann’s work occupies a blurred line between fine art, documentary and fashion. Art Director Gem Fletcher speaks to the London-based photographer about her work, creative process and the highs and lows of photography

Inside the Polaroid Originals factory

In 2008, Polaroid announced it would be closing its instant film factory in Enschede. This year, the factory has shipped millions of packs of film and restored several thousand vintage cameras. We paid a visit to Enschede to find out more about the revival of the Polaroid brand

How making photos can change lives

Accumulate runs photography workshops for homeless people, empowering participants to change their lives for the better. We speak to founder Marice Cumber about the power of the photographic medium and what’s lacking in arts education

How I Work: Photographer Alastair Philip Wiper

There are not many photographers shooting in sausage factories and slaughterhouses, but Alastair P Wiper has made a career of it. Here’s how an eye for the beauty of industrial machinery has given him the chance to photograph hidden processes across Europe