Rachael Steven

Rachael is Senior Writer at Creative Review

CITY: Photographer David Levene’s new book explores urban living

Photographer David Levene’s book CITY begins in Tokyo and ends in Alaska. Images from 62 cities are arranged in order of longitude, taking viewers on a journey from East to West. His photographs capture daily life in urban environments and reflect some of the major issues facing cities today: there are shots of glittering high rises, […]

Logos from Japan: Counter-Print’s new book explores contemporary Japanese logo design

Design store and publisher Counter-Print‘s new book Logos from Japan brings together hundreds of logo designs for Japanese businesses – including bookstores, cafes, salons, dentists, pharmacies, arts organisations and food brands. It is Counter-print’s second book on Japanese visual culture. The first, From Japan, was released in 2015 and focused on graphic design and illustration. […]