Rachael Steven

Rachael is Associate Editor at Creative Review

Rethinking sex education

How do you teach young people about sex and relationships in a way that won’t make them cringe? We talk to Ruby Stevenson, Education Manager at Brook, about creating fun and engaging programmes and resources for young people – and what the future holds for sex ed

Dazed redesigns for a new era

Dazed magazine has a brand new look for 2020, with new typefaces, more flexible layouts and sustainable paper stock. We talk to art director Jamie Reid and designer Eva Nazarova about the thinking behind it – and how the youth culture title is changing with the times 

The enduring appeal of mascots

Mascots might not be considered cutting edge, but as Tripadvisor’s new logo shows, they can still be a great way to add personality and charm to a visual identity 

Why Headspace is going local

Headspace’s Healthy, Happy America initiative will see the brand partner with local organisations to put on mindfulness events in cities across the US. We talk to Chief Creative Officer Caroline Pay about the project, and Headspace’s plans for the future

Offset announces speakers for 2020

The conference returns to Dublin in April, with art director Leslie David, puppet maker Andy Gent, music video director Oscar Hudson and Pentagram partner Sascha Lobe among this year’s speakers

Changing our view of mental health

From stock images to ad campaigns and TV dramas, we take a look the creative projects that are challenging stigmas around mental health problems – and offering a more nuanced portrayal of conditions from anxiety to OCD