Rachael Steven

Rachael is Associate Editor at Creative Review

Making ads during lockdowns: Blink’s advice for brands

Film shoots might have ground to a halt but that doesn’t mean that brands can’t still create content. We talk to production company Blink about getting creative with animation, embracing lo-fi video and why going back to basics could be a good thing for the ad world

How ad agencies are coping with office shut-downs

As working from home becomes the new normal, we talk to Laurent Simon, CCO at VMLY&R, Chaka Sobhani, CCO at Leo Burnett, and Jane Austin, founder of Persuasion Communications, about looking after creative teams and preparing for constant change

Lou Downe’s guide to good service design

The UK government’s former design director has published a book outlining the fundamental principles of good service design. We talk to Downe about defining what makes a good service – and the reason why so many companies fail to deliver one that works

Can ads restore our trust in the news?

The past few years have seen brands such as the Guardian and the New York Times investing in high-profile ad campaigns focusing on truth and trust in journalism. We explore what’s behind this wave of purpose-driven advertising