Salonee Gadgil

Salonee is Digital Content Producer at Creative Review

Making ends meet: artist Mr Bingo

CR has talked to a series of artists, creatives and designers about how they manage their money. Here artist and social media phenomenon Mr Bingo tells us how he manages a career that now relies solely on self-initiated projects

The joys of the corner shop experience

Felt artist Lucy Sparrow makes entire supermarkets full of fluffy ketchup fruit and fuzzy fruit. We speak to her about why the corner shop has become a recurrent theme in her work, and what makes the UK corner shop experience unique

So you want to be a… creative coder

Code is just another language, an artificial one, but a language none the less, says Zach Lieberman. You can do many wonderfully creative things with it if you stay curious, ask questions, and combine the things that interest you with code