Salonee Gadgil

Salonee is Digital Content Producer at Creative Review

So you want to be a… creative coder

Code is just another language, an artificial one, but a language none the less, says Zach Lieberman. You can do many wonderfully creative things with it if you stay curious, ask questions, and combine the things that interest you with code

Zeitgeist: Eva O’Leary

Eva O’Leary is one of the winners of the Zeitgeist awards in CR’s Photography Annual 2018. The awards recognises rising stars of the photography world; artists who have captured the mood and our imaginations this past year

How I use colour: Alexander Coggin

We speak to photographer Alexander Coggin about his distinct way of using colour, of his search for delightful combinations of shades and the role that coincidence plays in his work

Has Trump killed the colour orange?

Trump’s tangerine tint has inspired funny nicknames, hilarious memes, witty placards and controversial magazine covers. But has the association between the man and the faultless colour negatively impacted the latter?

How life drawing got hip

Life drawing has made its way out of art schools and fusty evening classes and gained a certain popular (dare we say, hipster) appeal. As part of our week-long Body special, we speak to tutors from London, New York and Berlin about the surge in its popularity

Heist has a lot to say about tights

In 2015, Heist introduced us to tights that are actually comfortable to wear (according to its customers). We take a look at the brand’s approach to marketing and the unusual service offered in its first London store

How making photos can change lives

Accumulate runs photography workshops for homeless people, empowering participants to change their lives for the better. We speak to founder Marice Cumber about the power of the photographic medium and what’s lacking in arts education