Design and Sustainability

We look at the individuals and organisations who are using design and creativity to tackle sustainability and addressing climate change

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Why brands need to embrace loss

Brands need to frame the changes required for a sustainable future in positive terms, in order to bring everyone from audiences to CEOs with them, says Alex Bee of creative agency Space Doctors

Label-less packaging: gimmick or effective?

In a move towards sustainability, Sprite recently announced it would remove labels from its bottles in a UK trial. CR speaks to a handful of experts about the risk to brand recognition, and whether these initiatives actually make a difference or whether it’s just a good bit of PR

Do posters about climate change work?

As a desire to care for the planet has evolved into an urgent need to rescue it, the way designers express concerns about the climate has changed too. Tim Medland, curator of an exhibition showcasing 50 years of environmental posters, discusses how they reflect the changing times

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