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How travel could look in 2050

The travel industry as we know it will undergo enormous change in the next three decades. Here innovation lab Possible Future paints a picture of the risks and opportunities

How Citymapper is changing how we get from A to B

Citymapper has been simplifying our stressful commutes and muddled transport networks since 2011 – and injecting a bit of fun into things while doing so. Aimée McLaughlin investigates how the team behind the app is helping to shape the future of our cities

Tourism campaigns, the good ones

The world is packed with wonder and variety, but genuinely original tourism ads are few and far between. Mark Tungate tracks down some of the most innovative campaigns of recent years

How to brand a place

Today’s place branding is about much more than logos. Rachael Steven talks to five experts about the challenges and complexities of designing visual identities for countries, cities and neighbourhoods

A new approach to ‘premium’

As the things to which we ascribe value begin to change, the notion of premium, of quality, of the sought-after is radically changing, says Hugo Jamson. How should brands and designers react?