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Who will win the online education arms race?

E-learning, bootcamps and workshops are all booming, but what does it take to survive long term in the world of learning? Mastered’s Perri Lewis and SuperHi’s Rik Lomas discuss the big questions education providers face

How changing the design canon will change the industry

US designer and Rhode Island School of Design professor Ramon Tejada’s ongoing project Decolonizing Design aims to make the industry more accessible. Here he talks about the importance of changing the narrative both for his students and the industry as a whole

Morcos Key’s community-based approach to design

The Brooklyn studio examines ideas around community and identity through its design practice. We talk to founders Wael Morcos and Jon Key about finding their way in New York, the role of identity in their work and the Arabic type renaissance

Diversity in design book publishing

A project by Leonardo de Vasconcelos shows how few design books from leading publishers involve BIPOC writers and editors. Here, Vasconcelos, Gail Anderson and Adrian Shaughnessy discuss the state of publishing and the implications this has for the design ecosystem