LDF 2017: Camille Walala’s colourful castle brightens up Broadgate

Villa Walala by Camille Walala for London Design Festival. Photographs: Andy Stagg

Designer Camille Walala has applied her Memphis-inspired graphics to a pedestrian crossing, a houseboat and a multi-storey building in Shoreditch.

Her latest project is London Design Festival’s landmark installation for 2017: a multicoloured inflatable castle in the middle of Clerkenwell.

Villa Walala is described as “a boisterously colourful and invitingly soft-touch structure”. It is made from digitally printed PVC, vinyl and nylon and is designed to encourage passers-by to “step away from the everyday”.

The colourful design is a bold contrast with the office blocks and concrete buildings nearby: “I wanted to create something that played to this idea of escaping the office and letting off steam, but which was also a surprising contrast to the architectural context – something colourful and playful that would make the people of Broadgate stop and smile,” says Walala.

The installation is positioned to be visible from as many nearby buildings as possible and aims to remind us of “the power of play to relax and refresh us in a fast-paced and often stressful world”. It is on display at Exchange Square in Broadgate until September 24.

Villa Walala by Camille Walala for London Design Festival. Photographs: Andy Stagg

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