Le Rub identity

Le Rub’s Mediterranean-inspired identity brings a dose of sunshine

Retro typography, warm colour gradients, and characterful illustrations come together in Leslie David Studio’s identity for the sunscreen brand

Founded in Belgium, luxury suncare brand Le Rub takes inspiration from the Mediterranean Sea, using its scents and natural ingredients as the foundation for the products it offers.

When designing the new identity, the team at Paris-based Leslie David Studio were equally drawn to this part of the world, looking to capture its tranquility and sun-bathed landscapes in the branding.

After a long creative process, the partnership has resulted “in a Mediterranean-inspired design featuring a bold logo, strong colours, and a soft vintage typography,” according to the studio.

At the heart of the identity is the expressive Le Rub wordmark, which features an elongated ‘U’ that feels playful and dynamic. This is complemented by an italicised ‘L’ and ‘R’ that juxtapose with the more rigid letterforms of the ‘E’ and ‘B’.

Photo of a tube of Le Rub sunscreen
Campaign photos: Benjamin Vigliotta; Product photos: Raf Maes
Composite image showing Le Rub's visual identity

The colour palette is vibrant yet refined, mixing a deep orange, a pastel blue, and an off-white to evoke imagery of the sun, sea, and sand. Again nodding to the Mediterranean, these colours also serve to enhance the overall retro feel of the branding.

Throughout the identity, there are also fun uses of Juliette Lepineau’s illustrations, and animation by the studio’s very own motion designers, Élise Wojnarowski and Léa Pineill. A series of relevant symbols, rendered using fine linework, speak to the associations we have with the summer and the ocean, including boats, fish and cocktails. Meanwhile, slightly more abstract scenes and symbols play out in other animations that use airbrushed textures and warm colour gradients to symbolise the journey of the sun throughout the day.

The studio also worked on the packaging, which is made from sustainably sourced materials to create a finished product that is not just visually enticing, but also good for people and for the planet.

Photo of Le Rub sunscreen products

Photo of Rub sunscreen products

Photo of a purple tube of Le Rub sunscreen