Want to teach yourself 3D? Here’s some advice from the experts

With 3D design software skills in huge demand, artist Eva Cremers and Territory Studio founder David Sheldon-Hicks share their top tips for teaching yourself, covering everything from YouTube tutorials to client projects

Artist and designer Eva Cremers counts brands including Nike, Pull & Bear and the New York Times among her list of clients – but back in 2019, 3D design was barely on her radar. She’d originally studied graphic design, but on graduation received a surprise invitation to do an art direction internship at London studio ManVsMachine. Before it started they asked her to learn some 3D basics so she could understand how projects worked, and Cremers took her first steps into something that would eventually become a career.

“I had three months before I went to London, and I literally spent them behind my computer trying to absorb as much as I could,” she remembers. “That’s where it began. I was lucky enough to be able to spend three months doing only this and not working an extra job. I spent day and night behind weird Cinema4D YouTube tutorials.”

Cremers is entirely self-taught, having gone from the early days – when she says she felt totally overwhelmed – to the point where she’s landing commissions from big brands and regularly posting her 3D experiments to her almost 20k followers on Instagram. So, how did she do it? To begin with, Cremers says she googled beginner tutorials – of which there’s plenty available online – and “clicked and watched everything”.

Top image: Imagery created by Eva Cremers for a Travel Portland campaign; Above: Abstract imagery by Eva Cremers