Leo Burnett: McDonald’s Home Disco spot

Home Disco, the latest spot from Leo Burnett’s London office for the McDonald’s 99p-tastic saver menu, is genuinely funny, thanks to great casting and the direction of Neil Gorringe of Moxie Pictures

A group of young student lads ‘go mental’ throwing wild shapes in a living room to a soundtrack of hardcore trance, whilst employing a range of cheap lighting devices in a ridiculous attempt to recreate the atmosphere of a big nightclub. Hilarity ensues. One wide-eyed lad swivels on an office chair while shining a torch through a colander, another bounces into the room with lights strapped to his head, glow-sticks in hand. A football hanging from the ceiling, partially clad in tin foil, makes for a particularly lame glitter ball. The idea is simply that the McDonald’s saver menu means you can save money “so you can get out more”.

Ad agency: Leo Burnett
Creatives: Rick Brim, Ollie Kristian and Christian Brestrup
Post production: MPC


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