LG stunt ad sees climber scale a skyscraper using the suction of two vacuum cleaners

Yes, you read that right – in the new ad for the LG CordZero vacuum, rock climber Sierra Blair-Coyle journeys up the side of a skyscraper aided by the machines’ suction power.

Earlier this month, I wrote about Toyota installing a climbing wall in New York as part of a recent ad campaign. And now LG has produced its own piece of extreme climbing-based advertising – this time to show off the super suction power of its CordZero vacuum. Is this the beginning of a weird ad trend?

Still from LG CordZero stunt ad
Still from LG CordZero stunt ad
Still from LG CordZero stunt ad

The film shows Sierra Blair-Coyle scale the 460 feet-high building, which is found in the Songdo International Business District in Seoul, armed with only two CodeZero vacuums strapped to her back (and safety ropes of course – they’re not daft).

It is of course totally ridiculous, but as a means of expressing a pretty tedious but essential piece of brand messaging – that the machine has powerful suction – it’s also hard to beat. And it makes the LG CordZero seem surprisingly cool – come on, you can’t imagine this stunt being performed with a Henry hoover can you?

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