Lifetime Achievement: Apple

The most valuable brand in the world is also the most awarded at D&AD. Clive Grinyer, formerly of the Design Council, explains why

The reason that Apple has won the most awards at D&AD is due to their total approach to design excellence. Their very remit is to make the best products in the world, to have the best service in the world, the best retail experience, to be the best company in the world. What’s marvellous about that is that they ended up making a huge amount of money and winning a lot of design awards along the way.

Design is inherent in every part of their brand. I don’t think the world had ever seen such a consistent delivery across every aspect of a company. It goes back to their people-centred ethos, a commitment to stand back and create something completely accessible to all.

There is an ecosystem around Apple products. Where other companies can claim individual points of excellence, Apple connected all those together. They understand every part of how we use technology and create a complete experience of all the touch points designed to perfection.

They have made completely apparent the importance of designing those touch points to deliver the real message of a brand. That has unlocked the inherent creativity in practitioners and shown other businesses the power of designing a brand to that level of perfection.

It’s a very emotive brand, mostly because they cut across accepted practice. And they are not without faults, but we forgive them their faults because they generally come about through being so people-centric.

The lesson from Apple for all of us is to trust your instincts. They know how they want the world to be and how it should work for us all.

The above is an edited transcript from a filmed interview by D&AD. See the final film on the CR iPad App

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