Limited edition prints, Blinkink

Blinkink has put together this set of splendid limited edition prints, featuring artwork by four of the directors repped by the company

Shown clockwise from top left, are posters by Ben Hibon, Pleix, Kalle Haglund and Kristofer Strom.

“Everything we do is online, so I wanted to do something completely offline to see what we came up with,” explains Bart Yates, head of Blinkink.  Yates was inspired to do the prints after visiting the Flatstock Poster Exhibition at this year’s South by Southwest music festival in Texas, where he also found a printer for his own print series. “The printer that had done the posters for the highest number of cool bands that I like dictated my choice,” he explained.

The prints are each in a limited edition of 100 and will be distributed to friends and colleagues of the production company. After the success of this first series, Blinkink plans to do further prints with its other directors in the future.


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