Line of Symmetry by Will Douglas

Honourable Mention – Personal

Will Douglas regularly shoots commercial projects for brands including Reebok, adidas and Samsung. In this personal project he explores twins, a subject of enduring interest for photographers. “I always wanted to explore the unspoken connection between twins,” he says. “I have three sets of twins in my family of different ages, and not that they would admit it, there are many characteristics and ingrained similarities between them.

“The physical similarities between brothers and twins is visually interesting, but what I was more fascinated by was the unspoken bond and how to capture this. I had four setups planned with Kevin and Karl, each with different styling, expression and tone. I aimed for a project that felt clean, uncluttered, and the images to have space to breathe. After shooting for a couple of hours, I asked the guys to take their tops off. By removing their armour, they immediately felt delicate, more connected to one another. We were dancing around, and I could see their individual moves almost mimicking the other’s without even knowing. Their movements were ­almost practised. Not perfectly, but beautifully.”