Liquid Death pledges to save the zombies in Call of Duty tie-up

The maverick water brand has created an enjoyably bonkers PSA-style film to show its commitment to zombies for its collab with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III

The latest game in the Call of Duty series is released this week, and offers the opportunity for players to team up with other squads to survive and fight massive hordes of the undead in “the largest Call of Duty zombies map ever”.

While this will no doubt cause massive excitement in the gaming community, Liquid Death is here to remind us that zombies need love too, with this new film which introduces P.E.T.U. – People for the Ethical Treatment of the Undead.

“For the price of just one can a day, we can all help to save the zombies,” says zombie activist Becky Brainsworth in the film’s opening, before things take an unexpected (or in fact totally predictable) turn for her as the ad develops.

It’s the latest in a series of darkly satirical ads created by Liquid Death, which have previously poked fun at everything from infomercials to internet trolls, while clearly marking out the brand as unique in the non-alcoholic drinks category.

VP of Creative: Andy Pearson
VP of Design: Frank Dresmé
Creative Director: Will Carsola
Associate Creative Director: Stu Golley
Director: Dave Canning
Director of Photography: Matt Clegg
Production Designer: Michelle Patterson