Little Moons on building a cult food brand

Little Moons marketing director, Ross Farquhar, discusses how the mochi brand is “pushing the boundaries” of ice cream and what life looks like after going viral on TikTok during the pandemic

When brother-sister duo Vivien and Howard Wong founded Little Moons in 2010, most people in the UK had no idea what mochi even was. Fast forward to the beginning of 2021, and the brand’s modern twist on a Japanese delicacy – comprising bite-sized dollops of ice cream encased in rice dough – marked itself out as one of the pandemic’s brand success stories after going full-blown viral on TikTok.

The UK was in the midst of another bleak winter lockdown at the time, and since supermarkets were one of the only places the public were allowed to venture out to, one particularly bored TikToker decided to film themselves going on an adventure to Tesco in order to hunt down a pack of Little Moons. Over the course of the next few weeks, thousands of others joined in with the challenge – resulting in 340 million views for the brand and a staggering 1,300% increase in sales of the product at Tesco.