New Nobrow book beautifully illustrates the history of locomotion

Fans of illustration and trains alike will delight in Locomotion, a new book from artist duo Golden Cosmos, published this month by Nobrow.

Locomotion Nobrow

Locomotion appears in the format of a fold-out illustrated panorama, which can be hung on a wall or enjoyed by hand as a concertina style book. While its main contents are entirely illustrated, the inside cover provides a written history of trains and locomotives, from the steam-powered carriages of the 18th century to the high-speed trains of the present day.

Locomotion Nobrow
The book in full
Illustrations by golden cosmos

Golden Cosmos is the moniker for German couple Daniel Dolz and Doris Freigofas. The duo worked collaboratively on producing Locomotion. “We’re both involved in the whole process,” they say of their style of working. “However, we’ve come to allocate work – we’re not working on the same illustration at the same time. For Locomotion, Daniel made the major part of the illustrations while Doris was involved in the sketching process and idea generation. This was because our second child was born in the middle of the making, which required most of her energy.”

The subject matter of Locomotion provided much inspiration for the duo, as well as some surprises along the way. “The history of trains is really diverse and we had fun going through the times, always being excited what was to come next,” they say. “The early beginnings of trains with the first steam machines and all the adventurous experiments like the Rainhill Trials race were particularly fun to draw, especially visualising the sounds, the smell but also the grace of the heavy monstrous locomotives.

Locomotion Nobrow illustrated by Golden Cosmos
Locomotion Nobrow
Details of book interior
Locomotion Nobrow
Sketches of the book
Locomotion Nobrow

“We were really amazed by the fact that on the Canadian Pacific Railway there are running cargo trains that are four kilometres long and need 13 engines to conquer the Rocky Mountains!,” they continue. “And of course we had to tell about some crazy inventions like the ‘railzeppelin’ – a train that looked like a Zeppelin on rails, driven by a propeller! This train was never produced in series, it had only one maiden voyage from Hamburg to Berlin and set a speed record at that time.”

Locomotion is available now from Nobrow Press, priced £10.

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