Love logos? This zine is for you

The latest issue of LogoArchive is a special edition dedicated to the symbols of the past, with a focus on logos created for design schools, organisations and conferences

The magazine explores a 30-year stretch of time, starting in the 1960s with logos for the National Design Institute in India and the Yamada Design Room in Japan, and continues right the way through to the mid 80s.

In a short essay written for the book, editor Richard Baird makes a plea for designers to remember the past, and return to it as a way of making sense of the present.

“This is the story of design,” he writes. “New understanding, technologies and cultural shifts keep design moving forward, from becoming an ouroboros.

“Essential to this (in terms of both cultural and economic value) is an awareness of legacy, the agency to seek out historic resources, the capacity to think through which foundational components and principles of the past may still be relevant in the present, and how these might be best used or reinterpreted for the future.”

There’s certainly no shortage of inspirational fodder in the zine, which features logos of all shapes and configurations – including a few which are reminiscent of the design trends of today. Readers keen to delve into the archive can choose between two covers – either a 1976 symbol created by Yves Paquin, or a 2010 logo designed by BankerWessel (who co-designed the zine) for the Fotografiska gallery.

LogoArchive ExtraIssue is available from Counter Printed, as a limited edition of 600, priced £6