Longchamp: Il est cinq heures, Paris s’éveille film

Categories: Advertising Craft, Direction; Advertising Craft, Soundtrack; Entered by: Fred & Farid, Los Angeles

A modern interpretation of the iconic French song, Il est cinq heures, Paris s’éveille (translated as ‘it’s five o’clock’, Paris is waking up), this whimsical short film tells the story of two characters, Amber & Mathilde, who go on an adventure across Paris. They are styled throughout in Longchamp’s SS21 fashion collection.

Filled with symbolism and smartly crafted references to the music track, the film’s locations, scenes and people are poetic interpretations of the song’s original lyrics. For example, a kitten named Blanche is an allusion to the verse, “Et la place Blanche a mauvaise mine….” And when a motorcycle driver reads a book titled The Station and the Carcasse, it illustrates the lyrics, “La gare n’est plus qu’une carcasse….” 

The direction and general mood of the film could be described as ‘très Paris’, which also serves as the name of Longchamp’s new tagline and global brand platform, which was debuted via this film.

Client: Longchamp
CEO: Jean Cassegrain
Managing Director/Artistic Director: Sophie Delafontaine
CMO: Marie-Laure Dubuisson
Visual Production Project Manager: Marie Coumes
Agency: Fred & Farid Los Angeles/Paris
CCOs: Fred & Farid
Managing Director: Severine Autret
Creative Director: Chelsea Steiger
Creatives: Radouane Guissi, Hilary Smith, Laura Beck
Producer: Damien Fournier Perret
Account Director: Olivia Abols
Account Executive: Leslie Hatchwell
Production Company: Canada
Director: Lope Serrano
Managing Directors/Executive Producers: Oscar Romagosa, Canada; Solal Micenmacher, Diplomats
Producer: Diana C Milesi
DOP: Matias Boucard
Editor: Carlos Font Clos
Mix: Jean Philippe Borgeot, Jean Luc Verschelde