Mooneye Studios: Lost Ember

Honourable Mention, Multiple Categories: Games, Artistic Merit/Games, Narrative and Storytelling

Lost Ember is a third-person, narrative-based exploration game about a wolf that can inhabit all manner of animals and their spirit companions. Players are able to control more than a dozen different creatures – a hummingbird, fish, mountain goat, parrot – that inhabit different terrains, from lush meadows to wide steppes and snowy mountains. Along the way, the spirit guides tell the tale of the lost human civilisations that once settled in these lands.

By enabling players to switch between different animals and choose a variety of movements, Mooneye Studios created diverse gameplay and gave players an experience rather than simply a challenge.


Game Design: Mooneye Studios
CEO/Programmer: Tobias Graff
3D Artist: Matthias Oberprieler
Art Director: Maximilian Jasionowski
Producer: Sinikka Compart
Programmer: Pascal Müller