Love is messy, says new ad campaign for Kruger Products

The Canadian paper brand – which manufactures everything from tissues to paper towels – has launched a new ad that demonstrates how love and romance can get a bit sloppy

We’re used to being served a pretty neat and tidy view of love in advertising: stolen kisses, coy hand-holding, or joyous wedding scenes.

What is less on show is all the muck and mess that can go along with this: drunken escapades and wild nights out, bad breakups leading to ugly crying, or growing old and caring for one another, in sickness and in health. And that’s before we start on the potential ‘outcomes’ of love, in the form of babies and young children.

It’s here then that Kruger Products’ new ad comes in: pointing out that love can get mucky, and – conveniently – they have the items needed to tidy it up.

The spot is the latest in the ‘Unapologetically Human’ campaign from the brand, which was created by agency Broken Heart Love Affair and launched in 2020 with a spot centred on the blood, tears, snot etc that go along with being human.

The new ad hones in on love in particular, tracking young love, parenthood, acrimony, marriage and growing old together. Weaved in throughout are references to the brand’s products, which include Cashmere, Purex and Scotties, though these remain subtle until the end logo shots.

“The whole campaign is about vulnerability, and nothing in the human experience is more vulnerable and messier than love,” said Denise Rossetto, partner and CCO at Broken Heart Love Affair. “The first campaign set-up what the brand stands for, and we’ve branched out with the second campaign to go deeper into what it means to be human.”

Agency: Broken Heart Love Affair
CCOs: Denise Rossetto, Todd Mackie, Carlos Moreno
Art Director: Todd Mackie
Production Company: Scouts Honour
Director: Mark Zibert
Editorial Company: Nimiopere
CG & VFX Company: Tantrum