Love nor money: Kuchar Swara on the battle of personal vs commercial

Speaking at Birmingham Design Festival, designer Kuchar Swara talks about the relationship between passion projects and work that pays the bills, and where the two may meet

Finding the right balance between self-initiated work and big commercial commissions can be a minefield even for the most experienced and self-assured creatives. Much of the time you’ll find yourself agonisingly torn between wanting to pursue mentally-stimulating projects that result in imaginative and inspiring work on the one hand, and desperately needing to pay off that outstanding gas bill on the other.

Kuchar Swara definitely isn’t one of these self-conflicted creatives. The designer and art director’s career story features a mishmash of big name brands such as The Telegraph – where he has been working for the past year and half – through to the unusual achievement of building his own watch brand, Sekford, from scratch.