Lu Sisi

Lu Sisi hails from Inner Mongolia in China but has lived in Glasgow since he arrived there to study Visual Communications at the Glasgow School of Art in 2007. His short stop-frame animated films caught our eyes and ears, edited perfectly, as they are, to invariably rhythmic soundtracks…

Digital Analogue, for example, is made from over 6,000 photographs of a selection of antique cameras and camera components, and cut to a syncopated soundtrack constructed entirely from recordings of sounds made by or with those cameras.

Digital Analogue from ftjelly on Vimeo.

One of the reasons Digital Analogue, Sisi’s first video project, is so engaging is because of the perfect marriage of image and sound, and it comes as no surprise to learn that he is also involved in music production.

“I bought a keyboard and a drum machine in my second year in 2009 to experiment in my studio with various music software packages,” he says.

“In the five months it took to produce Digital Analogue, I realised that it’s been an ambition of mine to bring the two processes of creating sounds and visuals together, and that stop-motion animation is an area I want to develop.

“My process has come to a point where I design both the visuals and the audio at the same time,” Sisi continues. “Now if asked, I couldn’t say whether I am a music producer, designer or filmmaker. I am probably a mix of all those things. At the 2 3 moment all I am trying to do is create that combination of sound and image that makes sense, tells a story, and challenges the viewer conceptually and technologically.”

Sisi’s films all act as pointers to the lessons he’s learning about making his films, all of which, to date, are short and experimental and share a common theme. “They refer to the machinery concept,” he says, “the idea of digital versus analogue, old versus new, and the divide between what is experimental and what is commercial. I know that all my experiences will be used to create bigger future projects.”

Talking of future projects, we asked Sisi if there are any new films in the offing. “I have some ideas for the next project in mind but I am currently looking for a job,” he says. “My ideal job would combine my interest of visual design together with sound design, working in a team environment and surrounded by creative people. I’m currently freelancing for Graphic Thought Facility on a video for the V&A and this project is giving me many insights into the day-to-day working process, which is very different to my student projects. I’m definitely looking for more professional experience.”
In the meantime, Sisi’s keeping busy, working on an album of audio material with his band, M*d*p*h*n. “It’s a hybrid hip-hop project which we do as a hobby,” he says. “We hope to complete our album soon.” View Digital Analogue at

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