Image showing the identity for Lunge, featuring the brand name in thick italicised black lettering

A fashion-forward identity for luxury pet brand Lunge

Porto Rocha has given the brand an identity that captures the unbridled energy of city dogs – and the slick fashion sense of their owners

New York-based pet accessories brand Lunge has teamed up with design agency Porto Rocha to create an identity that lives up to the promise of its products. Looking to disrupt the pet category, Lunge’s luxury pet accessories, which are designed in New York and made in Brazil, blend premium materials with playful design.

While pet brands are generally paying more attention to design these days, Lunge’s slick identity ups the fashion stakes.

Lunge founder Nicholas Schröder tasked the Porta Rocha team with designing an identity that could reflect the forward-thinking nature of the brand, and encapsulate the balance between premium and playful that can be found in all of its products. The team looked to 1980s adverts by Benetton and early 2000s fashion editorials for the look and feel they were after.

The resulting branding captures the spirit of Lunge, and the New York dog walkers who Schröder was initially inspired by. Having watched many a dog frantically pull its owner down the city streets, he wanted the photography and logo to ‘lunge’ in a similar fashion.

Image showing the identity for Lunge in a series of print ads showing pet accessories
Image showing the identity for Lunge on a poster ad featuring a black poodle and a person stood behind it

As such, the italicised letters that make up the custom typeface lean heavily across the screen, while their blocky, bold forms nod to the energy of the dogs and the contemporary focus of the brand. The ‘L’ in particular was designed to scale, “bringing brand presence down to subtle details like product hardware,” according to Porto Rocha.

Elsewhere, a carefully considered colour palette of black, off-white, cornflower blue and moss green bring personality to the brand, while retaining the refined look Schröder was keen on.

Image showing the identity for Lunge on a phone screen
Image showing the identity for Lunge on its website featuring images of dogs wearing pet accessories

The Porto Rocha team describe this mix of hues as “timeless enough to be used season after season, fresh enough to stand out in the pet category”.

They continue: “In the months to come, Lunge will continue to play with the boundaries of the pet category through unexpected design and collaborations – setting a new category standard for the next generation of dog parents.” In the meantime, enjoy the brilliantly out-there photography by Ryan Duffin and Geelherme used throughout the identity and launch campaign.

Image of a dog showing its teeth created as part of the identity for Lunge
Image showing the identity for Lunge on an outdoor ad featuring a dalmatian and a person sat next to it holding a lead