Magic of Flying digital billboard for British Airways

In the Magic of Flying campaign, digital billboards reacted to the arrival of BA flights into Heathrow

Once upon a time, before the queues, the little plastic bags, and, well, Ryanair, flying was a truly magical experience. These days, sadly, it can often feel more pedestrian and uncomfortable than a train journey. One way to bring back some of the sparkle though, is to look at planes through the eyes of a small child, which is exactly what this digital billboard campaign for British Airways does.

The posters were situated in Piccadilly Circus and Chiswick in London, which are both under the flight path to Heathrow, and featured a small child who would react as British Airways planes flew overhead by standing up and pointing. At the same time, text giving information on the specific flight and where it had come from appeared on the screens.

By a clever use of technology, the billboards turned the arrival of the flights into an event for passers-by. For those not present to experience the moving poster in action, a film of the work was shared online and watched by over a million people.


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