Make your mark on D&AD 2018 with Hato’s 3D drawing tool

Design studio Hato is inviting creatives – and anyone with internet access – to contribute to D&AD 2018’s visual identity by creating a 3D mark using a digital drawing tool.

An easy-to-use digital drawing tool on D&AD’s website allows users to create 3D artworks by clicking and dragging their mouse or their finger. Users can alter the brush size and add text to their drawing or inspect designs from all angles using an auto rotate feature. An inspiration feature provides prompts for users with creative block – suggestions include drawing “your spirit animal” or a pet hate.

D&AD’s three-day festival takes place from 24 to 26 April. Drawings will form part of the festival’s visual identity, appearing in environmental graphics and 3D animations as well as an online gallery. An AR feature – which has yet to launch – will allow users to place their digital creations in the real world.

Hato specialises in co-design. In 2016 the studio designed a ‘crowd-sourced’ identity for graphic arts festival Pick Me Up using a tool that allowed people to create custom letterforms. Over 3,000 letters were created and used in marketing, signage and wayfinding.

Hato also designed a playground with school children in Liverpool for the Liverpool Biennial and has run co-creation and community engagement projects with the V&A and the South London Gallery.

You can read our interview with Ken Kirton about the do’s and don’t of co-creation here or try out the tool at