Make it metal, a headbanging activated music experience from Sony Japan

Ogilvy & Mather Japan have designed a fun new music launch for heavy metal band Crossfaith’s latest single. You might want to warm up your neck and shoulders before you listen…

Make it Metal website

Japanese heavy metal band Crossfaith have just released a new track titled Diavolo, the first of the three on their latest Freedom EP. Sony Japan have chosen to introduce the single to fans with an interesting interactive experience.

To listen in fans must visit the Make it Metal website, turn on their webcam and headbang in front of it. You better be a serious metal head for this one – the headbanging isn’t even optional. Take a rest and you will be penalised. The music stops when you stop.


Keep that head moving and you’ll be rewarded with some trippy visuals which are custom generated in response to the ‘nature and quality of your headbanging’. The better the headbanging – though we’re not quite sure what the criteria for judgement are – the richer the graphics.

Client: Sony Music Labels (Japan) Inc, Agency: Ogilvy & Mather Japan 

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