Making ends meet: designer Jack Renwick

After 13 years at design firm The Partners, in 2012 Jack Renwick took the leap and started her own studio. She tells us how a commitment to good work – whatever the cost – has paid off

Originally from Glasgow, Jack Renwick has been deeply ingrained in the UK’s design scene over the last two decades, whether as a designer, D&AD board member and judge, writer or speaker. She started her design career at The Partners (now merged into Superunion) in the late 90s and went on to spend 13 years at the agency, five of those as Creative Director.

Renwick left The Partners to set up her own, eponymous design firm in 2012. Now based in Whitechapel, the six-person studio works with clients big and small, ranging from Nokia to Amnesty International. Here, she discusses why she decided to take the plunge, the financial concerns that came with that decision, and the project that almost ended everything.

Creative Review: How would you describe your general approach and attitude towards money. Has that changed over time?

Jack Renwick: I started as a junior designer at an agency called The Partners straight after graduation, but I worked for about five years before I went to university. Even all through university I worked every opportunity I had during holidays and weekends, so I’ve always come from a hardworking background where you had to earn your keep.