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The best of infographics and data visualisation is celebrated each year with the Kantar Information is Beautiful Awards. Here are this year’s winners

The Kantar Information is Beautiful Awards scheme was started by David McCandless whose book of the same name was one of the first showcases of this burgeoning area of creativity. Now, with his two partners Rebecca Conroy and Duncan Swain, McCandless has translated his pioneering passion for the genre into a creative agency working for commercial clients. Information is Beautiful Studio is profiled on the following pages before which McCandless gives us his insights into the current state of data viz, who’s doing the good work, and where it comes from. But we begin with this year’s main award winners.

1. Category: Data Visualisation
Award: Gold
Title: Nobels, no degrees
Creators: Giorgia Lupi, Simone Quadri, Gabriele Rossi, Davide Ciuffi, Federica Fragapane, Francesco Majno

This visualisation explores the story of Nobel Prizes through the years. Visualised for each laureate are prize category, the year the prize was awarded, and the age of the recipient at the time, as well as principal academic affiliations and hometown. Each dot represents a Nobel laureate, and each recipient is positioned according to the year the prize was awarded (x axis) and his or her age at the time of the award (y axis).

2. Category: Motion Infographic
Award: Gold
Title: The Solar System – our home in space
Creators: Philipp Dettmer, Stephan Rether, Cathrin Ziegler, Thomas Veith

Motion infographics are a relatively new addition to the data viz scene. This film takes the viewer on a trip through the solar system, visiting planets, asteroids and the sun, with details on each.

3. Category: Infographic
Award: Gold
Title: Global Warning
Creators: Derek Kim

Packed with information, this visual survey of events and statistics summarising the economic crisis of 2007-08 walks the reader through the key points of the crisis and their ramifications.

4. Category: Tool or Website
Award: Gold
Creators: Uldis Leiterts, Raimonds Kaze, Alise Semjonova enables anyone to make interactive data visualisations in just a few minutes. So far, is has been used by online media, schools, governments and businesses around the globe. With over 4 million people reached monthly it’s one of the world’s largest infographics communities.

5. Category: Interactive Visualisation
Award: Gold
Title: Bloomberg Billionaires Index
Creators: Bloomberg Visual Data

The Bloomberg Billionaires Index visualises a daily ranking of the world’s richest people. The index is a dynamic measure of the top 100 billionaires based on changes in markets, the economy and personal assets. Clicking on one of the portraits opens up a profile window which links to Bloomberg editorial coverage about them and their business.


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