Making the CR Annual cover

The cover image for this year’s CR Annual was created by Melvin Galapon using an acrylic model. Here, he explains how he did it

The cover image for this year’s CR Annual was created by Melvin Galapon using an acrylic model. Here, he explains how he did it

For our Annual each year, we commission an illustrator, designer or photographer to create something based on a capital letter A. This year’s cover features a model A built using sheets of acrylic:

Creative Review Annual 2014 from Melvin Galapon on Vimeo.

The image was created by Melvin Gapaon: “[CR art director] Paul Pensom had seen something I did for Wired US a few years back and asked if I would like to do something for the Annual cover,” Galapon explains. “From the start I always knew I was going to work in acrylic again like my previous work Paul had referenced, but I wanted to develop it more for this. So I first worked out what I wanted to do pretty quickly, but in order for me to fully explain to Paul how this was going to work I had to build a simple model before I got the go ahead to get everything lasercut.”






“Once I got the model approved I got in touch with [photographer] Sam Hofman to show him what I was doing and to see if he was interested in working on the project. I had worked with Sam before on a personal project and I’ve always been a huge fan of his work so in my eyes he was the right person.”



“During the shoot and from previous experience working in acrylic, I thought I had worked out much of the tricky parts. However as we were backlighting, the light wasn’t passing through the individual pieces evenly. After disessembling it and meticulously rebuilding it again we eventually worked out what was wrong and carried on firstly with the video [see below] which we shot all in one take and then the final photographs.”



“One of the fun things with this project for me was being able to bring the cover to life with a short video which allowed me to edit the light passing through it in different combinations like this extended version you can view here:



See more of Melvin’s work at

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