Williams Chyr Studio: Manifold Garden

Honourable Mention: Games, Artistic Merit

Manifold Garden is a puzzle-exploration game from William Chyr Studio, which reimagines physics and space. It asks players to examine a world of beautiful architecture, master its rules, and reawaken a garden in a sterile world.

Players can shift gravity in any direction, transforming the walls into floors and vice-versa. The world wraps around in 3D space and repeats infinitely, allowing players to travel downwards to arrive at a location above, and rotate the world like a Rubik’s Cube to solve puzzles.


Game Design: William Chyr Studio
Game Director: William Chyr

Sound Designer: Martin Kvale
Music: Laryssa Okada
Graphics & Systems Programmer: Arthur Brussee
Systems Programmer: Tyler LaGrange
Gameplay Programmers: Aaron Mills, Garret Polk
VFX Programmer: Sam Blye
UI Designer: Liselore Goedhart
Producers: Kevin Wong, Syrenne McNulty
Artists: Derrick Fields, Michael Wu, Jocelyn Kim, Simon Thomas, Dillon Sommerville
Programmers: Andrew Saraev, Maria Khomenko, Lukas Donkers, William Sykes, Albert Elwin, Thomas Huffman, David Laskey, Christopher Wade, Megan Fox, Mark J. Mayers, Craig Yates, Jamie T Bentley, Erroll McFaddem, Harry O’Connor, Luke Wilmot 
Design Consultants: Geert Nellen, Alexander Martin
Technical Sound Designer: Mark Straight