Marcus McDonald on how freelancing has helped his images evolve

Formerly staff photographer at New York Magazine, the creative talks to CR about the freedom of going freelance and the importance of valuing your work

The focus of commercial photography is creating imagery to sell or promote products and brands. While editorial is less about selling and more about storytelling, the two require strong visual communication and the ability to interpret a brief. New York-based photographer Marcus McDonald believes his sensibilities as a detail-oriented person have lent themselves well to a career that manages to straddle both approaches.

“I’m kind of an obsessive person. Photography lets me take those obsessive patterns and make them into something. The outcome is an aestheticised version of the world as I see it. I get to illustrate the mood, intensity and personality of objects that have introduced themselves to me,” he says.

A close up image of a worm wrapped around a fish hook
Top: Personal work. Above: Better Together photo essay, Byline. All images: Marcus McDonald