Margot Lévêque on why good typography shouldn’t be rushed

Graphic and type designer Margot Lévêque talks about the importance of taking your time when designing and the problems with Instagram-based type foundries

Though there have always been typography fanatics, in the past it’s gained the reputation of being a bit dry, perhaps lacking the glitz and glamour of ad design or editorial. But recently there’s been a shift, and people are buying into the hype around type. Whether it’s a new typeface for a big brand making design headlines, an independent foundry being set up by a funky group of grads, or a fashion house being as selective about its typeface as it is its photography, people are paying more and more attention to type design. 

Graphic and type designer Margot Lévêque is part of a new wave of typographers who labour over beautifully-crafted typefaces and work across thoughtful projects in the worlds of fashion, art and editorial. Now 27, Lévêque is freelance and has worked with an impressive roster of clients including &Walsh, Studio Nari, Hermés Paris, Vogue, and Louis Vuitton. Here she talks about the journey of discovery she went on with typography, the importance of taking your time with each project, and the danger of relinquishing control over your typefaces.