Identifying the talent of tomorrow

As a talent scout, gallery owner, and creative director of media brand Nataal, Marie Gomis-Trezise has been responsible for separating the good from the great. She talks to us about putting her faith in emerging talent

The artists in Marie Gomis-Trezise’s creative orbit – either people she represents at her gallery, or talent she has sought out for collaborations – are often stars in the making. Those she has been connected to in the past have gone on to bright futures; those she is working with now likely will. “I’ve noticed that most of the talent I’ve discovered, or talent we’ve given opportunities to with Nataal, they get scooped up after,” she explains. “I’ve been told that our work is on the mood board of so many creative agencies.”

Gomis-Trezise initially worked as a creative director at record companies in France before relocating to a music publisher in London. Tech was beginning to infiltrate the industry, and it soon took a nosedive. With that and her growing family in mind, she made a sidestep and joined her music manager husband instead, who was looking after rising bands like Little Dragon. “I was helping him find photo­graphers, stylists – the kind of stuff I used to do in record companies, which is really to help develop the image of an artist,” she recalls.

Tumblr was flourishing around this time, giving her access to new artists and ideas, and offering her a new space to flex her curatorial muscles, which gradually attracted the attention of agencies. She kept on this track, “up to a point where my husband told me: ‘We really need to do something about it, because you really have an eye and you always complain about the art world and the lack of ­representation. What are you going to do about it?’”

Top: The First Sermon by Shitanda, 2022; Above: Asé by Mar+Vin, from the series Fresh Stem