MARK’s “anarchic” campaign for Manchester Literature Festival

Posters and print ads are defaced with graffiti-style graphics in a simple but striking campaign

Design studio MARK has created some great identities for Manchester Literature Festival – from a puzzle-themed campaign with join the dot print ads to another using simple but striking paper cut illustrations.

The campaign for this year’s festival is inspired by protest and activism: MARK created simple black-and-white posters, brochures and print ads and ‘defaced’ them with graffiti-style graphics.

A Star of David references talks on Jewish history while a cross provides a nod to voting and politics – another key topic of discussion at the festival. MARK has also used some more provocative graphics – the word ‘pussy’ appears on print ads (the programme includes talks on gender equality, feminism and rape culture) – while light-hearted smiley faces add a playful touch.

The festival programme is focused on community, power and politics, with talks on feminism, gender inequality, the gay rights movement, racism, privilege and activism. Speakers include human rights campaigner Shami Chakrabarti, US activist and writer Rebecca Solnit and Why I’m No Longer Talking to White People About Race author Reni Eddo-Lodge.

MARK has worked with the Festival each year since it was founded in 2006, designing playful campaigns with modest resources – proof that you don’t need huge budgets to produce something that will make people stop and take notice.

See more of MARK’s work for the Festival here or see to see the full programme or book tickets for events.

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