Aerial still from Marmite's campaign by adam&eveDDB showing border control officers removing jars of Marmite from a suitcase

Marmite is smuggled into the US in new campaign

The campaign was led by adam&eveDDB London and New York, and features a film in the style of a documentary about illicit activity

Marmite is apparently the fourth most popular brand among British expats in the US, but few stores actually stock the product there. Bill Nighy has even admitted to being stopped several times at border control for trying to take jars with him.

In a new campaign created by adam&eveDDB’s London and New York offices, the brand has gone to great lengths to supply the Brits of New York with a taste of home. The first stage of the campaign involved radio callouts and flyposters appealing for participants to sign up through WhatsApp to be Marmite smugglers.

Participants then set about getting jars of it past border control and into the US, and were rewarded with a special jar for their efforts. Meanwhile, in New York another set of flyposters signalled where people could go to get hold of Marmite.

The accompanying campaign film is shot in the style of an investigative documentary that goes behind the scenes of illicit activity, complete with all the tropes typically seen in those programmes, such as blurred faces and voice modification. The film was directed by Henry Alex-Rubin through the aptly named production company Smuggler.

Agency: adam&eveNYC
CCO: Richard Brim
ECDs: Ant Nelson & Mike Sutherland
ECDs, NYC: Dave Brown and Daniel Bonder
Creatives, NYC: Clarissa Dale, Stacie Larsen, Chris Brailey
Creatives: Feargal Ballance & Matt Gay
Head of Design, NYC: Mitch Horton
Production Company: Smuggler Films
Director: Henry Alex-Rubin
Editing: Cabin
Post Production: Untold