Will your child grow up to be a Marmite lover or hater?

The quirky new campaign uses ultrasound scans to decipher whether unborn babies will go on to be Marmite lovers or haters

Tests and scans are part and parcel of pregnancy. A new Marmite campaign follows a handful of parents-to-be as they go through an unexpected test – to see whether their unborn babies are predisposed to being a Marmite lover or hater.

The campaign comes off the back of research that shows babies can respond to different tastes even before they’re born via amniotic fluid in the womb.

The ad at the heart of the campaign takes place in a hospital’s ultrasound department. In it, we see Marmite haters forcing down a slice for the purposes of the test, partners who aren’t going through the scan snatching a piece of toast, and parents convincing themselves that their baby’s negative response on the scan doesn’t mean the worst. “He doesn’t like Marmite?” one asks. “But he could learn to love it, like, later on, when he’s older?”

The campaign extends to social media activity and OOH ads, which revolve around ultrasound scans featuring some rather brilliant facial expressions. The brand has also partnered with ultrasound clinic Window to the Womb, where expectant parents to go in for a scan themselves to see whether they’ll be giving birth to a lover or a hater (of Marmite).

Image shows a Marmite ad featuring an ultrasound scan of a foetus appearing to frown
Image shows a Marmite ad featuring an ultrasound scan of a foetus appearing to stroke its chin

Agency: adam&eveDDB
CCO: Richard Brim
Creative Directors: Ant Nelson & Mike Sutherland
Creatives: Frances Leach, Christopher Bowsher
Director: James Rouse
Production Company: Biscuit Filmworks
Print, DOOH & Static Social: King Henry Studios