Marshmallow Laser Feast

How creativity can help us reconnect with nature

We speak to Marshmallow Laser Feast about how they’re using immersive tech to illustrate the importance of the natural world, and what brands can learn from artists in the wake of the climate crisis

“Art has a great resonant power to take complex issues, distil them into relatable feelings, and make them tangible,” says Ersin Han Ersin. A partner and creative director at London-based creative studio Marshmallow Laser Feast, Ersin’s practice looks to push the boundaries of human perception through a wide range of disciplines including sculpture, installation, live performance, and mixed reality.

Founded in 2012, over the last decade the studio’s fascination with all things intangible has led them to one of the most complex issues of our time: the climate crisis. “For us, as an artist collective, combining scientific knowledge, emerging immersive technologies, and experiential art to tap into a world beyond the limits of human senses is essential,” he tells CR. “The more we fall in love with the natural world, the more evident it has become to put our creative expression in service of bettering this relationship.”

Top and above: Sanctuary of the Unseen Forest